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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will learn about the frequently asked questions and our responses to them. Take time and go through them to clear any doubts you may have about buying SoundCloud followers and using our services to explode your social media channels.

  • Will the profile followers I buy from you like and comment on my profile and songs?

    No. We would love to give you more engagement with the followers you will be getting from us. However, they will not be able to engage through likes and comments. Their main objective is to boost your follower count so that you can attract lots of other users to start following you. However, we have separate services for likes and comments. Feel free to use them if you want to increase engagement in your profile.

  • Is it safe to buy SoundCloud profile followers?

    Yes, it is very safe to buy SoundCloud profile followers, especially from SubscriberZ. We have been in the industry for nearly a decade. SubscriberZ also worked with thousands of artists to help them launch their careers on SoundCloud. We promise a smooth, efficient, and reliable experience when you purchase SoundCloud profile followers from us.

Why you should buy SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud has more than 175 million active listeners. It has been used by many artists to jumpstart their careers, and it is a fertile ground for anyone looking forward to nurturing their careers. If you are still struggling with getting profile followers, we have what you need to help you see the growth you have always wanted.

Gain credibility with on SoundCloud with more followers

The music industry is always a numbers game. The more followers you have, the more credible you will be, which will ultimately dictate how successful you will become. With millions of artists looking for relevance on SoundCloud, growth is never guaranteed. However, you can take proactive measures such as buying SoundCloud profile followers to improve your credibility. The number of followers you have will reflect on your popularity, and if you don’t have any followers, it will be a huge task to try and win others to come and follow you. You get to accumulate many people who will be eager to listen to your next releases.

Increase your chances of getting more gigs and shows

When you have a SoundCloud account with thousands of followers who are eager to get your next releases, your image will be enhanced outside the SoundCloud platform. Concert organizers and corporations will note such artists with large followings, and they will always be considered in case of any upcoming events. This is how artists with enormous followings always end up with an endless list of events and gigs consistently. When you buy SoundCloud profile followers, you open the doors to start receiving such invitations, which will enable you to grow beyond the digital forums. If you have always wanted to perform in shows, then this is your chance to use SoundCloud wisely to achieve that dream.

Save time and energy in SoundCloud marketing with our services

You may decide not to purchase SoundCloud profile followers and instead grow them over time. However, this is the long and tiresome route. It will not just take you much time to gain a substantial number of followers, but you will also expend valuable energy which you could have used to produce more music or improve the quality of your work. The easiest and the most efficient way would be to simply purchase the profile to push you to fame while saving you a lot of time, money, and frustrations. With this approach, all you have to do is give us your profile name, and then sit back and relax. We will do all the work, and you will be delighted to see your profile start getting followers, which will continue to grow with time.

Increase the popularity of your tracks with real profile followers

A big following implies a more significant reach for your music on the platform. After you gain the initial traction with the very first followers, your profile will start to grow organically as your music will keep on getting recommended to users who are following similar accounts like yours. This increase in exposure will lead to increased popularity, helping you make strides towards your growth to stardom. This is not to mention that you will be adding more listeners to your fan base as your account grows.

Buy SoundCloud profile followers to increase brand perception

With just a few hundred followers on your profile, no one is going to take you seriously. You will appear just like any other wannabe who dreams of making it big but is lazy to take the necessary steps to achieve greatness. However, when your followers start growing in tens of thousands, people are going to take note, and the perception is going to change from a struggling artist to a successful one, even if you may not have attained the kind of success you desire. Therefore, invest wisely in profile followers, and we are here to guide you and help grow your brand with genuine and authentic followers on the platform.

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Buy Real SoundCloud Followers

There is no denying that SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for hosting your music, getting it shared and rated by your fans. It makes it possible for musicians of all levels – from the young and upcoming artists to industry veterans, to get the exposure they need, which will, in turn, open more doors for them. The platform has had it’s up and down in the recent past, but it is now excellent and stable, and once you master how to use it properly, and you learn the ins and outs of gaining followers, it will just be a matter of time before your start rising to stardom.

You need followers to grow on SoundCloud

However, for you to be noticed on the SoundCloud, you need to have followers. Think of it as the Facebook of the music industry. The more followers you have, the more popularity you gain, and the more opportunities you get. But the process of gaining followers on SoundCloud may sometimes be slow and painful, especially if you are starting, and you don’t have a clear strategy for growth. At this point, you have several options available at your disposal. You can go the slow way and take forever to start reaping from the platform’s immense power, or you can be smart, and take the easy and the most efficient route – buy SoundCloud followers.

Choose the smarter route

But since you are smart and know you understand what is right for your music and career growth, the second option should be attractive to you. Consequently, we are here to help you grow your SoundCloud following so that you can also enjoy all the goodies that come with being a famous musician. Forget about all the slow methods that take forever to get you the results you want. Work with us today, and start seeing your follower base begin to increase on the SoundCloud platform.

Challenges in getting Real SoundCloud followers

Suppose you are like most musicians trying to grow their SoundCloud accounts without any professional help like the buy SoundCloud followers services we offer. In that case, you are probably frustrated with the process, or you are overwhelmed with the challenges you keep on encountering. As a smart musician who desires to grow their music and career, it is imperative that you understand these challenges so that you know how to combat them and get them out of the way. In addition to letting you know about the problems, we will also give you the right solutions to see the growth you have so yearned for in your music career. Here are some of the challenges that come with trying to get real SoundCloud followers:

Too much competition

There are thousands of musicians competing for the same followers’ attention as you on SoundCloud. Some are well established, while others may just be starting in their music careers. The competition is immense, and it is never an easy task to gain the traction you need to get going. But when you realize the power, you can get when you buy real SoundCloud followers, and the competition will be a thing of the past for you.

Lack of credibility

Just like with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you don’t have lots of followers, gaining more followers becomes a real hurdle. This is the same case in SoundCloud. If you have fewer followers, you aren’t seen as credible enough to convince others to follow you. But if you buy followers on SoundCloud, your numbers begin to grow fast, and it will be just a matter of time before the rest start taking note of you.

Fake followers from bots

Another challenge you are likely to encounter when trying to grow your followers on SoundCloud is fake followers. It is always tempting to purchase thousands of followers online so that your account can grow instantly. Most people don’t realize that a bulk of such services only sell fake followers using bots. This is against SoundCloud’s terms and conditions, and it is sufficient to raise enough red flags to get your account banned. This is why you must work only with reputable vendors if you want to buy SoundCloud followers online.

Smaller accounts don’t get favored by the algorithm

If you are starting to grow your SoundCloud account, you will be at a disadvantage with the algorithm. This is because there isn’t enough activity in your account to trigger the platform’s algorithm to give you more exposure to other users and accounts. But as you continue to gain more followers, you continue to attract the algorithm to work in your favor, and with time, your account will be well on its way to stardom.

Few songs in your account

Though this is not a major one, you will find it challenging to gain more followers on SoundCloud if you don’t have a lot to offer in terms of the songs in your portfolio. The more songs you have, the more variety you provide, the better. However, if you have just a few songs, you don’t give them the variety to choose from.

Why buy SoundCloud Followers?

Other than increasing your account’s stats, there several real reasons why every struggling musician on SoundCloud should consider buying real followers. Here is a brief look at some of them and why you should strongly consider it.

Increase the visibility of your account

When you buy SoundCloud followers cheap, your numbers will start swelling up, and it will just be a matter of time before the algorithm begins to reward you by making your account more visible. As such, people will start to take notes, start listening to your music, and become followers. Additionally, your trucks will even begin to become more popular, increasing the chances of getting your first hit. In essence, you don’t want to miss the opportunities that come with having your songs becoming a hit.

Increase your chances of getting better-paying gigs

With increased exposure, you will start attracting the attention of those who matter in the industry. Your near-celeb status will make decision-makers such as corporate entertainment giants, record labels, event organizers, and all sorts of promoters want to get in touch with you for your gigs. And with such, the pay is always good with very favorable conditions. But with a few numbers of followers and a small account perpetually lost in the SoundCloud oblivion, you have zero chances of attracting the attention of this caliber of people.

More followers mean power on a platform

When you buy more SoundCloud followers, you will attract the primary decision-makers’ attention for more lucrative gigs and have more reliable bargaining power. The number of followers will be a direct indication of your popularity in that particular segment of the industry, and this will give you the right to rate your charge card as you wish. This is unlike someone newbie who has just a couple of followers. With many followers, you will start calling the shots and not being dictated left, right, and center like amateurs in the industry.

Strengthens your social proof

More followers on SoundCloud means you are a star, and naturally, many other users will want to follow you. You will be portrayed as serious artists, and users on the platform will always be eager to listen to your new releases.

Get signed up by a record label

You will agree that with very few followers on a platform such as SoundCloud, no record labels will be interested in signing you up. Even the scouts from the top record companies will never be affected by following you. But the same way the decision-makers will get notice of you as you get more followers is the same way record labels will also get interested in partnering with you when your followers start to increase. As such, making good music and buy real followers on SoundCloud is one of the easiest ways to getting signed up with the record labels. If you have ever desired for the labels to fight for your signatures, then you should work with us towards this endeavor. We will help you get the real followers, which will, in turn, help you catch the attention of those who matter in the industry.

Get expert help in growing your SoundCloud followers today

Don’t waste any more time struggling to grow your SoundCloud account or buying fake followers from less reputable vendors. We have been in the industry long enough and worked with thousands of musicians who ended up getting the fame and the success they wanted, courtesy of our help in gaining followers. You, too, can be one of them if you give us a chance to help you.

Work with us

The internet is not in lack of vendors where you can buy SoundCloud followers cheap, but this is no guarantee that all the services will be suitable for your growth. With us, however, we have more to offer than just helping you increase the numbers. Here is why you should work with us in growing your SoundCloud followers:

We deliver real followers

Unlike other vendors, we don’t use bots to ramp up your followers’ count. We understand how unethical this is, and the kinds of risks you may run into. Consequently, we deliver only real followers that will create real engagement in your account.

Instant delivery

With our SoundCloud buy services, you don’t have to wait forever after you place your order. Our delivery is immediate, and once we receive your payment, you will start to see your numbers begin to rise in a matter of hours.

24/7 Professional customer support

You want to work with vendors who will be there when you need them. With us, we will be with you before, during, and after you place your order. Our support team will be on standby to respond to all your queries and concerns, either through phone, email, or chat. We will also help you make the right choice of service if you are having challenges deciding what you think would be the best for your SoundCloud account.

Your account is safe with us

We are not only confidential, but also we are ethical. Throughout the delivery of our service, we will not do anything that may jeopardize your SoundCloud account. You don’t have to worry about getting banned from the platform because you used our buy real SoundCloud followers’ services. Besides, we don’t use bots, so you don’t have to worry about your account getting flagged for suspicious activities.


We send real followers to your SoundCloud accounts, but we also avail them to you at very affordable rates. We have packages for all kinds of needs, and whether you need to ramp up your numbers or are starting from scratch, we have very affordable packages for you. Be sure to get in touch with us for a customized offer if you do not see what you want in the available options.