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Why you should buy Facebook Post Likes

The number of likes your posts get will have a significant impact on the success of your post. With organic reach now reduced by Facebook, not all posts will be seen with by as many people as you would have wished, and a little boosting may be necessary to get this visibility. The secret to increasing the organic reach is to buy Facebook likes for your posts so that the algorithm can pick up the activity and favor it by showing it more people.

Why do you need to buy Facebook post likes?

You may have a vast number of friends and followers on your Facebook accounts, but this is never a guarantee that your friends and followers will see the posts you make on the platform. This is because Facebook restricted the organic reach. Unless they see significant activity in the form of engagements in the posts you make, the likes on your posts will always be embarrassing. The solution to this is to buy Facebook post likes to increase the number of likes on a given post. This will bring the following benefits to your account:
1) Increase the organic reach – when Facebook notices that your post has more likes or is getting liked many times, it will perceive it to be of good quality. The reward will be for it to be shown to many people to get more likes. In this manner, you shall have increased the organic reach by buying likes to the post.
2) Without likes on a post, regular users will not think of the post as being interest. However, whenever users see a post with many likes, they will naturally want to look at it and find out why so many people like it. This will also lead to more engagement on the post, leading to more organic reach.

Trick the Facebook algorithm to reward you

Therefore, buying Facebook post likes is a great way to trick Facebook and its users into believing that you have made a high-quality post liked by so many people to check the details of the post. When you do this, both the existing and new users on Facebook will consider your account highly, and you may also gain new friends and followers who were impressed by the activity on your post.

Your account is safe with the post likes you purchase from us

Buying Facebook likes for your posts is entirely legal, and there are hundreds of businesses that thrive by only purchasing this service. Of course, whether or not it will get your account banned is always a concern, but from our experience in the industry, likes will not necessarily get your account banned. If it is done naturally, and in a manner likely not to flag suspicious activities in your account, then you have nothing to worry about. We have thousands of clients whom we have worked within the past, and they never had any problems with their accounts getting banned.

Get Facebook likes from real Facebook users

Unlike other services, we don’t use bots to send you Facebook likes. Instead, likes are from real people. We have a vast network of Facebook users who are paid to like your posts only. They are real people using real computers. However, if you choose to buy your likes from non-reputable companies, you can have your Facebook account spammed with bots, leading to the closure of your account.

Services tailored to suit your needs

Our Facebook Post Likes services have been designed to suit your needs and to reflect on the kind of activity you need on your posts. Irrespective of the number of likes you want, we can assure you that we will deliver just that. However, we warn against going for too many likes because this may raise suspicion on the platform, which may not be suitable for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will learn about the frequently asked questions and our responses to them. Take time and go through them to clear any doubts you may have about buying Facebook post likes and using our services to explode your social media channels.

  • What details do I need to submit when I purchase the Facebook Post likes package?

    When you purchase the service from us, all you have to give us is the link to the post where you need the links. This could be the link to your average post, video, or photo where you would like to receive more links. Ensure that the post is public so that it is visible to everyone.

  • How fast can I get the post likes when I purchase from SubscriberZ?

    With every purchase of our Post Likes Package, the likes will start coming within one hour after completing your order. However, there may be a few hours of delay if we have a long queue of likes, though delivery will always start within the first 24 hours.

How SubscriberZ Works

1. Select your package

Select the most suitable package from the provided list.

2. Enter order details

On the payment page, fill in all the required information and pay the order. We accept PayPal and payments by credit/debit card.

3. See the magic

After the payment, we send the order to work. Delivery usually starts very fast.

About SubscriberZ

We are your one-stop-shop for all your social media marketing needs. Whatever social signals you want, we can deliver. These include likes, shares, comments, tweets, song plays, and followers in all the relevant social platforms. We know how frustrating it is to post a video on YouTube and not get any views. We also know how discouraging it is to make a post on Facebook or Instagram, only for no one to react with it after days.

Further questions?

If you have further questions or feel that your concerns are not adequately addressed above, kindly get in touch with us. We will be delighted to solve all your concerns.

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General introduction to Facebook advertising

Have you ever dreamed about the ideal customers? Is it possible to stay at home, create a store online, and promote it to your perfect customer? Yes, it’s possible, and almost every successful marketer is following your dream route. You don’t need to imagine an ideal platform anymore because Facebook got everything. Mark’s founded company got everything every professional marketer and advertiser may need. And again, why should you advertise on Facebook?

Why should every marketer be on the Facebook Ad platform?

Facebook is the biggest social network around the globe. We are happy to connect with our friends and family every day. Also, Facebook gives us a chance to connect with random people and make friends for life. With more features, Facebook is getting advanced and a lot more interesting than it was before. According to the latest data, Facebook has 2 billion active users every month. What does that stat mean? Your ideal client is on Facebook period. It does not matter whether you are in the low-sales industry; you can find perfect clients on Facebook. Targeting is also made simple by Facebook Ad Pixel. When you connect the business store to Pixel, you get an advanced platform under your fingers. Facebook Ad Platform, notably feature called "Pixel," is very powerful for every marketing campaign. With the help of this feature, you can easily target, re-target, create a look-alike audience, etc.

Start with Business manager

Most of the newbie marketers give up on Facebook. What could be the reason? You may think about inaccurate budgeting, but the answer is no. The budget could be as low as $2-3 per day on Ad sets, but the incorrect business manager will lead to stress converted into the decision to give up. Especially in 2019, we have many Gurus on Instagram and YouTube who give wrong advice. People get excited, and after setting up business manager incorrectly, they lose hope and excitement. Everything starts with the Facebook business manager platform. The business manager will be your primary place because you can get Ads, campaigns, and every tech stuff for marketing there. Start right away with and create an account. Now Facebook will ask you to add business name, address, report, etc. You can connect your advertising account to your business manager platform. If you’re an advertising account, then it will be easy to join.

What’s Pixel, and why you need it?

Let’s get simple – Facebook Pixel is a code you should embed into your website. After adding Pixel code into your online store, it will be possible to understand the behavior of the audience on your website. You can find out why people act as they did on Monday, Tuesday, etc. According to Facebook representatives, Pixel is very important for every business owner. With the help of Pixel, the Facebook AD platform will understand the behavior of your audience. You know the data is priceless in most cases, so you can get data about your audience with only one simple step – connect Pixel with the website. The Pixel will give you access to particular actions. You’ll understand what your audience is doing on your website, and if they don’t buy a product/service, you get an idea about why they did so. After understanding the audience’s behavior, it will be easier to make better and efficient AD campaigns.

Let’s break down Pixel’s advantages in a few sentences:
1) Understanding what traffic is doing on your website
2) Track’s people’s action
3) Gives the power to Facebook advertisers to create efficient campaigns.

Why may you need remarketing?

The Facebook business manager gives you access to remarketing. It’s indeed the most robust feature Facebook representatives have ever created. Some people will visit ready our offer (product/service), may engage with it, even add to the card, but then abandon everything. In the offline business world, we can’t run after each person who liked our product and ask for buying or convincing. In the online world, with the help of the Facebook Ad platform, everything gets easier. That kind of visitors need a little encouragement from you – it could be an incentive or non-incentive offer. So, remarketing is very important when it comes to Facebook advertising – you can increase your sales with 30-40% with remarketing tools.

How to set up successful Ad Campaigns

After creating a Facebook business manager and installing Pixel, you are good to go. Now you can smoothly run the first Facebook ad campaign. What could be critical factors for running a successful AD campaign? Well, it depends on lots of things. Let’s break down three essential elements for getting good ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Getting clear with a budget

What’s your budget? From our pro career in Advertising, we can proudly say that you can run a successful campaign with a low daily budget such as $5.


First of all, you need to understand the audience better. Sit down, take a paper and pen – write down the characteristics of your ideal customer. When you find a perfect client, running successful Ad campaigns becomes easier.

Type of Ads

The key to the understanding of Facebook Ads depends on your testing possibilities. Without testing different Ad placements, you won’t be able to understand the ideal option.